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228 Fillow Street Norwalk, CT 06850

Phone: 203-899-2860

NPS Snow Hotline: 203-854-4123


2015-2016 School Calenda

Click the link below to enroll in the school-based health services that are available at Fox Run.
Mobile Dental Lab


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Welcome to Fox Run Elementary School

Fox Run Elementary School fosters the development of the whole child by educating, empowering and encouraging each individual child to reach their fullest potential.
Our school day begins
 at 8:00 am
Arrival Procedure 

Our school day ends at 2:50 pm
Dismissal Procedure 

Principal: James Martinez                                              Curriculum and Instruction Site Director:                                                Christie Robinson

​Patricia McCormick

Welcome back to the 2019-2020 school year!
Welcome back Fox Run Families!  We are off to a great start on this 60th Anniversary Year!  Classrooms are buzzing with energy and enthusiasm with daily Morning Meetings where students and staff get to know each other and build strong relationships through daily greetings and shared activities. A morning message is shared with students each morning setting the tone for the day and providing reminders of the day’s schedule. The class joins together in a big circle to welcome one another and learn more about each other! Positive relationships with the teacher are one of the most effective factors for student success. We want ALL Fox Run students to feel welcomed, supported, and confident in our classrooms so they can take the intellectual and social risks necessary to be college and career ready!

Daily D.E.A.R

Our school-wide morning routine is DAILY D.E.A.R time!! Students begin their day with 15 minutes of uninterrupted reading. D.E.A.R stands for Drop Everything and Read. Last year we implemented school-wide D.E.A.R time once a month for 30 minutes. Students need more time each day engaged in the act of reading. Morning D.E.A.R provides the time and space for students to fall in love with a great series/author/character/plot, read about their favorite insect or animal, and practice the strategies they learn during the school day to be a strong reader. Encourage your child to bring in a favorite book from home to read during D.E.A.R. Teachers will provide books from the classroom libraries and work with students to ensure they are reading books that are of high interest and appropriate reading level.

Enrichment for ALL! 

Last year Fox Run initiated a new Enrichment Block for ALL students that runs on a six-day cycle. Courses offered:

S.T.E.M classes led by Ms. Santella

Health/P.E. classes led by Mr. Kodel

Literacy Infused Art classes led by Ms. Sprei

Students will be assigned an enrichment course each trimester. Trimester dates are as follows:

1st Trimester Sept. 3- Nov. 26

2nd Trimester Dec. 2- Mar. 11

3rd Trimester Mar. 13- June 5

Assessment Schedule

Teachers will begin to administer assessments in reading, math, and spelling to better understand each child’s needs. Please see the schedule for each grade level below.

MClass DIBELS K-3 - Sept 10-Sept 24

NWEA MAP 3-5 Math & Reading- Sept 10-Sept 24

Parent-Teacher-Student Contract 


Last week, classroom teachers introduced our Parent-Teacher-Student Contract to your child. This handbook outlines the school-wide expectations that ensure our school community is safe, uses teamwork, has positive attitudes, and is respectful at all times. Review the handbook with your child, sign your name, and return it back to school. This is our collective commitment to making Fox Run a rigorous and fun learning environment for ALL! 


Homework Policy

All K-5 students at Fox Run will be engaged in personalized blended learning through a combination of direct instruction from their teachers and a digital platform by Edgenuity called Pathblazer. Pathblazer designs unique learning paths for each student to provide practice and mastery of critical skills at each student's individual level. Our Homework Policy aims to provide an additional opportunity during the day for students to practice in the areas of Reading and Math personalized skills that will assist in progressing their achievement throughout the year. 

All Pathblazer lessons provide a scaffolded learning experience that includes direct explicit instruction on a specific skill/standard followed by guided and independent practice. Students are to complete the lessons independently. Pathblazer is an adaptive program, providing more or less support based on the student’s responses. Teachers can use the data collected from each lesson to more precisely meet each student’s needs in the classroom.  

The Homework Policy expects that all students will log in to their Pathblazer account to complete activities Monday thru Thursday at home working on their individual learning path in either Reading or Math. Teachers will assign homework using Pathblazer based on grade-level expectations. Directions and login information are provided by the classroom teacher. Students also are expected to read at home Monday-Thursday. Reading at home can include reading to oneself and/or reading with a sibling, parent, pet, or other family members.  Please contact your child’s teacher with any questions! 

Learn more about the Pathblazer program:

Healthy Schools Program

Fox Run is participating in the Healthy Schools Program led by the Alliance for a Healthier Generation aimed at creating healthy schools for all students. One of the initiatives to support a healthy school community is to engage students in frequent bursts of activity that support improved learning throughout the day.
Teachers incorporate activity bursts throughout the day through the use of GoNoodle Movement and Mindfulness for Kids! Activity bursts and movement breaks are a regular practice to provide your child with additional and frequent opportunities for physical activity in addition to the 20 minutes they receive each day at recess.


Birthday Policy:


In compliance with the Healthy Schools Program, Fox Run will limit the distribution and consumption of calorie-dense foods by encouraging NON-FOOD items as birthday celebration treats in place of cupcakes, cakes, cookies, etc. Parents WILL NOT be permitted to send in any food items for birthday celebrations. ANY FOOD ITEMS SENT TO SCHOOL FOR BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS WILL BE SENT BACK HOME. Suggested non-food items and traditions can include a book donation to the classroom library, stickers, pencils or a craft. 

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