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"Children learn more from what you are than what you teach." 
W.E.B Dubois

Dear Fox Run Families,

Highlights of Last Week at Fox Run School:

  • FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL: Despite the heat and humidity, we had a great start to our school year!  Teachers, parents, and students arrived to school happy and left school happy!  Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we readjust to our arrival and dismissal procedures.  There was significant improvement each day and like each year, there will continue to be progress and expediency.      

Important Dates for the Upcoming Week:

  • The Back to School Picnic is Friday, September 14th from 6 to 9 pm.

Friendly Reminders:

Morning Arrival Procedure at Fox Run Elementary School: Effective Tuesday, September 4, 2018 all students, including Kindergarten, enter the school and walk to their classrooms on their own.  We assure you that there are ample staff, administrators and 5th grade students from the Safety Patrol who are on hand to assist your child.  Students walking or being driven to school can enter the school at 8:00 a.m. until 8:15 a.m. at the front entrance.  

Mr. Corley, our School Security Officer, will require ALL visitors to sign in with him and provide a valid ID upon entering the building.

1.    Drop off: Drive up around the circle SLOWLY.  Please pull completely around the circle before stopping and putting your car into “park”.  A staff member or member of the Safety Patrol will be there to assist children out of the right side of the car and ensure they safely enter the front of the school entrance. 

2.    Front entrance: Primarily for walkers or late drop off. Our late bell rings at 8:15. If you drop your child off to school after 8:15 you will be required to walk your child in to the building and sign them in with our Security Officer.
If you park in a space in the parking lot, please be mindful of the car and bus traffic as well as the two reserved spaces.  
All doors will be closed and locked promptly at 8:15 a.m. at which time there will be a single point of entry for the rest of the school day until dismissal.

Fox Run School has a long tradition of parent involvement and we welcome you at our school for scheduled meetings, school events, classroom activities and volunteer shifts. Please remember to always enter at the front and sign in at the Office, where you will provide a reason for the visit and receive a visitor’s badge.

If you know your child will be picked up early during the instructional day, please write a note to the teacher in advance stating what time your child(ren) will be picked up.  This will help alleviate the disruption to learning in the classroom. In the event of an unplanned pickup, we ask that you call ahead to notify the school.

Please free to contact me or Curriculum and Instruction Site Director, Mrs. Christina Guerra, with any questions or concerns anytime!  You can all us at 203-899-2860.  Martinez ext. 2505 and Mrs. Guerra ext. 2404


James Martinez
Fox Run School


Finally, parents please be mindful of the following:

• Traffic patterns: We ask you to adhere to traffic patterns both during AM drop-off and PM pick-up. These routines have been carefully planned out to ensure the safety of all. Please do not enter the one-way areas illegally, park in the fire lane or handicap parking spaces, make a U-turn in the crosswalk, or speak on your cell phones while driving on school grounds. I know that we all have places to be and it never seems like there is enough time in the day to get to everywhere we need to, but safety must come first! I truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Early Dismissal: We realize that from time to time, it may be necessary for you to pick up your child prior to dismissal time. If so, a dated note must be sent to the classroom teacher the morning of the desired early dismissal, advising the school of the time your child is to be dismissed and the reason for the dismissal. Classroom instruction time is paramount to your child’s educational program. Therefore, requests for early dismissal should be kept to a minimum as they are disruptive to both your child and to his/her class, (please refer to “School Procedures” of your parent handbook for details). Also, if you wish to share information with your child’s teacher or request a call, kindly leave a note for the teacher with the main office and the teacher will get back to you. Particularly, in the morning as routines are being implemented and minimal disruptions are essential.

     THANK YOU for all of your support and cooperation as I continue to offer my commitment to all of the children and staff of Fox Run School. I invite you to contact your child’s teacher or me with questions at 203-899-2860.


James Martinez