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Dear Fox Run Families,

     Today we begin our first full week of school. The Site Director and I have been out visiting classrooms and have been very impressed with how quickly the children are settling into their routines. The classrooms we visited were active and highly engaging. There are many positive things to highlight in this past year’s results that didn’t make their way into the headlines. That said I firmly believe a child should never be “characterized” by a number on a test! Each child is unique and wonderful in his/her own way and it is the challenging task of my talented and hardworking staff to support and nurture each child’s unique talents. One way to improve our chances of success in this area is by supporting your child and what happens in the classroom. Keep positive on-going open lines of communication going with your child’s teacher this year. It truly is a collaborative effort and we greatly appreciate your support. 

     At Fox Run School, our mission is to ensure that all students attain high levels of academic achievement. We do this by providing students with the knowledge and skills that they will need to be successful students and responsible citizens in the 21st century. To meet the demands of the 21st century, we have a strong and rigorous focus on academics. Students participate in at least a 90 minute reading period daily. Students spend 60 minutes daily both in writing and 90 minutes in math. Science and Social Studies are taught in monthly thematic units that are often integrated with Language Arts. Our Physical Education program gives students the opportunity to develop skills early in life to promote a healthy lifestyle. Students begin participating in music beginning in Pre-Kindergarten throughout the grade levels, as they present various concerts and seasonal performances. Our Art program offers enrichment in all grade levels as students create wonderful pieces of art to be displayed at our annual art show. Students may choose to join the school orchestra in grades 4 and 5. In addition to music lessons, the cultural education of our students includes trips to museums, and other community agencies. In fifth grade, students are required to create a science project for our annual science fair. All students are welcome and encouraged to participate.

     Our staff is committed to supporting the needs of your child. Our teachers collaborate on a weekly basis to analyze data, review individual student work, and to plan their instruction together. Our support staff is dedicated to ensuring the needs of students with special needs, and work closely with the classroom teachers and other faculty to create a warm, safe and inclusive environment for the learning of every child. We, of course, never forget how instrumental you, families and parents are in helping us achieve our goal.

Finally, parents please be mindful of the following:

• Traffic patterns: We ask you to adhere to traffic patterns both during AM drop-off and PM pick-up. These routines have been carefully planned out to ensure the safety of all. Please do not enter the one-way areas illegally, park in the fire lane or handicap parking spaces, make a U-turn in the crosswalk, or speak on your cell phones while driving on school grounds. I know that we all have places to be and it never seems like there is enough time in the day to get to everywhere we need to, but safety must come first! I truly appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Early Dismissal: We realize that from time to time, it may be necessary for you to pick up your child prior to dismissal time. If so, a dated note must be sent to the classroom teacher the morning of the desired early dismissal, advising the school of the time your child is to be dismissed and the reason for the dismissal. Classroom instruction time is paramount to your child’s educational program. Therefore, requests for early dismissal should be kept to a minimum as they are disruptive to both your child and to his/her class, (please refer to “School Procedures” of your parent handbook for details). Also, if you wish to share information with your child’s teacher or request a call, kindly leave a note for the teacher with the main office and the teacher will get back to you. Particularly, in the morning as routines are being implemented and minimal disruptions are essential.

     THANK YOU for all of your support and cooperation as I continue to offer my commitment to all of the children and staff of Fox Run School. I invite you to contact your child’s teacher or me with questions at 203-899-2860.


James Martinez