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A Message from Mr. Martinez

Dress for Future

Welcome families! Fox Run is a very special school that is near and dear to my heart. I've been the Principal of Fox Run for nine years and couldn't be more proud of the community we have built together.

Our teachers are dedicated professionals that go above and beyond to educate every child that walks through our doors. We are an inclusive learning community focused on educating, encouraging, and empowering all learners to reach their fullest potential by tailoring instruction to meet the academic needs, interest and motivations of all our students. The adults at Fox Run view themselves as life long learners too! We never want to stop learning. Our staff operate as a Professional Learning Community so that we can learn from the data we gather and design teaching and learning experiences that provide the greatest impact on student achievement. 

We urge parents to be our partners in ensuring their child's success. Research supports that students achieve greater outcomes when the school, parents, and the community at large develop a strong partnership. We have built strong partnerships with our families by keeping open lines of communication, providing monthly newsletters of school happenings and learning, and utilizing the ClassDojo app school-wide for real-time updates from the classroom. Our PTO does a fantastic job supporting the school's enrichment programming, supplementing funds for instructional materials, planning community building events and much, much more! The PTO also helps us to coordinate volunteering opportunities for parents to support the school. Visit the PTO page on our website to learn more. Our School Governance Council offers parents an alternate avenue to get involved in school-based decision making as it relates to hiring staff, programming, and improving the school community. Lastly our home-school partnership is strengthened when parents support learning at home. We encourage families to read to and with with their children all through out the elementary years. Spending time reading together and engaging in discussion is time you will never regret! 

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Next Generation Accountability System

School and District Accountability

Connecticut’s Next Generation Accountability System is a set of indicators that help tell the story of how well a school is preparing its students for success in college, careers and life. The system moves beyond test scores and graduation rates and instead provides a more holistic, multi-factor perspective of district and school performance and incorporates student growth over time. At the elementary level, a school’s Accountability Index (AI) is determined based on student performance & growth overtime on SBAC in grades 3-5, attendance, and physical fitness.


Fox Run’s is pleased and proud to share that our most recent, 2017-2018 Accountability Index score has made significant improvement from the previous years.


We are confident that we will sustain and even improve this growth moving forward.  Our staff has been working purposefully and earnestly to help your child succeed!  The State of Connecticut Department of Education has developed a portal that has been enhanced over the past 3 years that provides detailed school performance data for all school districts and schools.    

Fox Run’s Report Comparison from 2016-2017 to 2017-2018 is below along with a comparison of the points earned at Fox Run as compared to other schools in Connecticut.  For complete Fox Run School results, please visit EdSight at