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Student Device Policy

Device Responsibility


We are excited to have moved our district to a digital learning model. It is important that students are responsible with their school issued devices. If a student has a device that is not working properly, they should communicate this with their teacher so that a repair request can be generated, and the device is fixed. If the device malfunction is due to negligence, the school system will need to follow up as we do with any other damaged items such as a textbook. This could lead to replacing a part(s) of the device or replacement of the device if it cannot be repaired.  


According to our law in CT, specifically Conn. Gen. Stat. Section 10-221©, the following is our statute regarding property of school systems:


© Boards of education may prescribe rules to impose sanctions against pupils who damage or fail to return textbooks, library materials or other educational materials. Said boards may charge pupils for such damaged or lost textbooks, library materials or other educational materials and may withhold grades, transcripts or report cards until the pupil pays for or returns the textbook, library book or other educational material.


It is important that students do their best to treat the computers and other property with care.

Below is an estimate of what parts cost to repair on our devices:

Full replacement Dell Laptop $490.00

Full replacement Chromebook $300.00

Full replacement iPad $300.00

Power cord $55.00

Keyboard $60.00

Screen $130.00

Trackpad $25.00

Motherboard $200.00