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SGC Meeting Minutes

September Meeting Minutes

  • Fox Run SGC Meeting Minutes

    Thursday, September 9, 2021


    Minutes taken by Gloria Niederer


    In Attendance (All via Zoom): Mrs. Carla Monteiro-Walsh, Dr. Monique Bartling, Mr. Brian Irrera, Ms. Deirdre Savarese, Ms. Lori Santella, Ms, Sheila McDermott, Ms. Emily Bonebrake, , Mrs. Melissa Bramble (Parent Co-Chair), Mrs. Gloria Niederer, Mr. Billy Thomas, Mr. Andrew Anello, Mr. Bill Lessa

    Absent: Mr. Juan DeChoudens, Mrs. Kirsten Scott




    - Recess/Cafeteria Monitor

    - Reading/Writing Improvement Teacher

    This position comes with a Reading Licensure requirement, which is difficult to

    find during the school year. What is needed is intervention for Tier II and Tier III students. To circumvent the licensure requirement, we could call the position an Instructional Interventionist. It cannot be called coach, can call it an Intervention Specialist – Certified. Certified in Special Education is preferred. Principal Montiero-Walsh will post the position with these parameters/preferences.



    - Hallways repainted, new blue vinyl baseboards have been installed. Hoping to get classrooms painted and a cafeteria “face lift” – lighting and painting. Dr. Estrella has given permission to paint the wood paneling in the hallways.

    - Every classroom received new ViewSonics, smart boards and document cameras. Central Office IT Department will give a class for staff on how to use the ViewSonics.

    - Acknowledgment given to Erik Hernandez, a parent of a fifth grader and owner of a landscaping company, for sprucing up the grounds at the front of the school. They weeded and mulched the beds and around the trees just in time for the first day of school.

    - SGC parent member Gloria Niederer made an inquiry regarding the status of the front overhang and the peeling paint. Principal Montiero-Walsh reported that it is slated to be painted in early spring but it could be done earlier.


    - Financing is holding up the start of the Outdoor Classroom project. Furniture has been ordered and needs to be delivered. With these delays and with the winter months approaching, Principal Montiero-Walsh hopes to have the classroom up and running by Spring of 2022.


    - The faculty break room was spruced up by volunteers and Melissa Bramble and the PTO added decor accents.


    - SGC teacher member Deirdre Saverese reported that the C wing gets water and th plumbing backs up. Principal Monteiro-Walsh reported that last spring the district brought in a team of plumbers outside of the district staff because of this ongoing issue. They snaked the drain and worked the whole length of the c wing and it seemed to be fixed. Extensive intervention has been done on this issue, but Principal Monteiro-Walsh will follow up with Central Office.


    - SGC teacher member Lori Santella inquired if the staff bathrooms can be spruced up. Principal Monteiro-Walsh stated that painting and cleaning can be done by facilities but the Beautification Committee can give the “homey touches”.





    - School Climate and Culture Committee

    Started this summer, currently only staff is on this committee but it can be opened up to SGC parent members. This committee will meet once a month, and is tasked with making Fox Run feel like a “home away from home” and how we can make the school more of a close community. It will also review discipline policies.

    A Fox Run Pledge was created, with an acronym PATH:


    As a Fox Run Fox on my PATH to success, I will be Friendly, Open-minded and eXcited to learn every day because I am a thoughtful, accountable and helpful member of my Fox Run family and community. P I am a Problem Solver A I am accountable T I am thoughtful H I am helpful


    This will be rolled out to families in Year Two, with Year One focusing in in school and the students. The mascot remains Foxy. The staff will be using these words daily with the students. It was suggested by SGC Parent Co-Chair Melissa Bramble that the students be involved to help roll it out, starting with 4th and 5th graders. Principal Monteiro-Walsh stated that without Covid we would be able to have a community meeting every Friday, but right now that is not possible. As a result, we need to think about how we can get the students involved virtually and have a virtual roll-out. Ideas include skits, plays, use of Flip Grid, other virtual tools.


    Lori Santella possibly will start a newscast by students, named “PATH News”.


    Possible reintroduction of “Buddy” classrooms, with implementing buddies into a “theme of the month”.


    Parent member Andrew Anello discussed his experience when meeting voters during his candidacy for Common Council District E, and stated that there are many people that feel disconnected.


    - Equity Committee

    Mrs. Monteiro-Walsh and Dr. Bartling attended a district workshop on how to bring equity to our school, with an eye on how many gifted and talented kids are from minority groups, etc. They looked at testing data, attendance data, and technology accessibility. It is important that all kids have access to all programs.


    - Instructional Leadership Team

    With all of the changes to the curriculum, the team consisting of Mrs. Monteiro-Walsh, Dr. Bartling, Ms. Savarese, Mr. Olson Mrs. Minoff, and Mrs. Ortiz, with the help of the district IT coach Steph Dean, will be going through all and packaging it so it is easier to introduce the new curriculum to the staff.


    - Safety Committee

    Committee is fine tuning safety plans, making sure there is consistency. The may be an implementation of a color coded safety system. There is a drill schedule set for the year, and there is access to emergency go bags.



    - Beautification Committee

    Purpose is to beautify the indoor and outdoor spaces, making it a place that students and staff want to and enjoy being at Fox Run.


    - Currently all of these committees have only members that are staff, but soon families will be invited to be a part of these committees.




    - A call for a parent member of the SGC was included in the Fox Run Newsletter. No one has expressed interest yet but there will be another email sent out to families. If an election is needed, voting will take place the first week of October.



    - Parent member Billy Thomas requested a secondary meeting to discuss the equity piece further, and also requested to discuss further what Mr. Anello brought up regarding people feeling disconnected. There seems to be a need to clarify information or inform families and the community more effectively.




    - There has been some discussion on social media regarding a change to the morning announcements. There has been a change to the announcements, but not for an unpatriotic reason, only reason is due to scheduling and time constraints. The Pledge of Allegiance is still being said, then the Fox Run Pledge, then birthdays. While this change was not communicated ahead of time to families, there was no nefarious reason for the change.


    - Mrs. Tracey Greenberg, the new music teacher, has agreed to take over the morning announcements. She will teach the kids in class the U.S. National Anthem as well as other countries’ songs, and will have a couple of students present each one weekly during morning announcements.




    - This is the last meeting for Teacher Members Deirdre Savarese and Brian Irrera, and Parent Member Gloria Niederer. Everyone thanked these members for their service to this council.